Rules for the next season (1971) of the 1969 Dynasty Draft League (Now at 20)

Here is an update for the next season (1971) of our online draft league

How the league is to be played

We will be playing the 1971 season which is to be released by Dynasty in Feb or Mar of 2023. We will be playing under 1971 rules with one exception. There will be at least one interleague play to allow each player to play each other player at least one home and away series.

The schedule

As soon as I have the number of teams confirmed (We’re at 20) I will begin to work on the schedule. While I don’t have to deal with the logistics of hotels and airports it still is a complicated matter to make it and will take some time to enter into the system. Please be patient with me as I do so. My goal will be to have the schedule ready before the draft.

Number of games:

The plan was to play a 162 game season. I thought about a shorter one but Dynasty is planning to release 1972 after 1971 so I want to give them the full time so we have a chance to keep playing continual seasons. With 20 teams I’ve decided on a 150 game season (4 series 10 games same league 2 series 6 games opposite league) All teams will have an equal number of home and away games.

Frequency of games

There will be two scheduled series per week.

Number of teams

We currently have 20 confirmed teams.

Division setup:

With 20 we’ll go two divisions and if Dynasty permits we’ll have wild cards).

Trades and waivers.

After the fifth series of the season teams may trade. Any player on the current roster may be traded along with any of the first seven draft picks for the next season (currently 1973 BUT if 1972 is finished by Dynasty in time they will take precedent.) If a trade is made that increases a roster beyond the 40 man limit a player must be released before the next series is played. Any trades agreed will not be executed until all the teams involved have the same amount of games played.

Waivers takes place after the sixth series. Teams make waivers picked based on their current record and are made from the undrafted players not on rosters.. If a pick brings a Roster over 40 a player must be released or an injured player not on the DL must be placed there to make room.

The DL:

In a change from previous seasons players on the DL WILL count toward your roster but to make up for it we will have a maximum 40 man roster. We will still only draft 35 but players may expand their rosters via trade and waivers.

Playing Games.

All games must be completed before the next scheduled series. the Dynasty system will take over and auto play any games that are not completed one hour before the next scheduled game (even if said unfinished game is in progress) Players are encouraged to use the chat room and the Dynasty message system to reschedule games if needed and are also encouraged to make a manager profile in case a game has to autoplay. Instructions on how to do that are here.

Be aware that if you have your team on AUTO and your opponent requests a rescheduled in the system Dynasty will automatically allow it so keep this in mind when or if you turn auto on. Also be aware if both team are on auto and you reschedule the game will be played automatically so make sure your team is not on auto before you do this.

Expansion and Expansion draft

With two new teams we will have an expansion draft.

Selecting a franchise:

New players who do not take an existing franchise will be allowed to select any of the currently open franchises for 1971 the franchises they took are:


  • Minnesota Twins Last years twins moved to KC


  • Chicago Cubs

They will automatically gain the rights to any rookies for the 1971 team of that franchise.

If we again have multiple expansion teams they will pick franchises in the order that they confirmed their intent to join the league.

If a current player expresses an intent to leave the league before the expansion draft the expansion players will in the order above be given the option of taking over that existing franchise including their roster and current draft picks (or lack thereof)

Expansion Draft:

Each team will have two weeks to submit a list of protected players currently on their 40 man rosters. These players will not be eligible to be drafted in the expansion draft. There will be a maximum of 7 players on each teams protected list. it is recommended (but not required) to submit an additional twelve players to be protected once a player or two is drafted from their team.

Whenever a player is chosen off a team in the expansion draft said team will be able to immediately protect an additional five players. No team can lose more than three payers to the expansion draft. If a list is not submitted before the draft and not submitted at the time the first player is taken from the team then said team will not have additional players protected until such a list is provided. I will allow a reasonable amount of time in case the player is not in the chat room for me to try to contact said player before another player is takin from his team.

Expansion teams draft a minimum of four players and a maximum of 12 players to their rosters before the regular draft. The number of players picked in the expansion draft by an expansion team will determine where they will draft in the regular draft.

As soon as all expansion teams have completed their drafts two things happen

  1. All Rookies become property of their franchises and count toward their current rosters.
  2. All teams must submit the list of players retained in the regular draft. The players drafted by the expansion teams are considered to be that list.

Franchise locations and parks

Every team is presumed to have the park their team played in during the season they entered the league.

Franchises whose teams move in real life are not required to relocate their teams. So the Seattle Pilots are not required to move to Milwaukee and the Washington Senators are not required to move to Texas but they retain the option to do so at any time.

Franchises are NOT required to build new stadiums and my continue to play in their old stadiums if they wish. So Cincy can stay in Crosley field and Pittsburgh can remain in Forbes Field if they wish but they retain the right to move into those new stadiums at any time so another team my NOT select that stadium. If a team chooses to move into their new park in the same city the old park is considered demolished and no other team may use it from that point on.

A team may NOT move into a park that in a different city because the Dynasty system bases the weather on the park used NOT the city that a team’s label claims it is in. Thus if the Seattle Pilots want to play in Country Stadium they MUST move to Milwaukee

A team may NOT move into a park in the same city that belongs to a future franchise. Example. If the Seattle Pilots choose to remain in Seattle rather than move to Milwaukee they may NOT move into the Kingdome because it is reserved for the Mariners franchise when it becomes available.

Old parks

A team MAY move into an old park from the same city under the following conditions:

  1. The park was once the home park of the franchise OR
  2. The franchise that once owned the park is now located in another city


  • the Seattle Pilots move to Milwaukee the Mariners if taken MAY move into Sick Stadium.
  • The Cardinals may move into sportsman park because it was once their old stadium.
  • Both the Yankees and the Mets may move into the Polo Grounds because the park is in NY and both teams were once based there.


A “Rookie” is define as any player who did not have a card for the previous season.

A rookie is considered to be part of the team listed on their card reguardless of who they actually played their first game for (Dynasty lists cards based on who a player finishes a season with thus any rookie that was traded by an MLB team in his first season will have their card listed for the team they were traded to NOT the team they played their first game with.

All teams retain rights to their rookies prior to the draft and rookies for a franchise are not eligible to be drafted in any expansion draft.

A Rookie becomes a part of a team after said team names their protected players for the draft. They count toward the 35 man roster

Any team that doesn’t want to retain a rookie may release them before the draft to open up a roster spot but once release all rights to said player are surrendered.

Players retained list

All teams may retain a number of players based on their finish in the 1970 season. The players retained list for 1971 has already been posted here: but I’ll repeat it below for convenience

  • World series winner 4 players (Giants)
  • World series runner up 5 players (Yankees)
  • non-world series Division winners 6 players (Reds, Phillies, Redsox, Indians)
  • Wild Card Teams Winners that don’t make the series 7 players (Pirates, Royals (twins))
  • Wild Card game losers (A’s Braves)
  • Non division winning teams with the 5th and 6th best records 9 players (Pilots, Mets)
  • Non division winning teams with the 7th and 8th best record 10 players (Orioles, Angels)
  • Teams with the 3rd and 4th worst records 11 players (Dodgers, Cardinals)
  • Teams with the worst and 2nd worst record 12  players (Expos, Senators)

NOTE: If a player on your current Roster does not have a card for the next season due to injury, military service etc but WILL the following year a team may choose to retain the rights to said player but will have to spend a protected spot for it and will have to keep a space for him all season.

Example: Rico Carty was out for all of 1971 due to injury. Boston currently owns Carty. They can choose to hold his rights when his season ends. He will pay 1971 with 39 players and in 1972 will hold the rights to Carty. If at any time he chooses to release him Carty will be considered a rookie for Atlanta Rookie because

  1. He had no card the previous year
  2. No team held his rights
  3. His 1972 card says “Atlanta”

In the example above if Carty is released and we don’t play the 1972 season Carty would be a rookie for the A’s because his 1973 dynasty card says Oakland

The draft order of teams has been posted here and will be repeated below taking into account the possibility of expansion teams. Any team that is not retained will of course not be drafting BUT If a team holds the draft pick of a team that is no longer in the league he will draft those picks as if that team was still in the league in the round that he holds them.

  1. Worst team (12) Montreal Expos
  2. 2nd worst team (12) Washington Seantors
  3. Expansion Team(s) if any that drafts only 4 players in the expansion draft
  4. 3rd wort team (11) LA Dodgers
  5. 4th worst team (11) California Angels
  6. Expansion Team(s) if any that draft 5 players in the expansion draft
  7. 5th worst team (10) St Louis Cardinals
  8. 6th worst team (10) Baltimore Orioles
  9. Expansion Team(s) if any that draft 6 players in the expansion draft
  10. 7th worst team (9) New York Mets (Daytraders)
  11. 8th worst team (9) Seattle Pilots
  12. Expansion Team(s) if any that draft 7 players in the expansion draft
  13. Wild Card team (8) Oakland A’s
  14. Wild Card team (7) Kansas City (Formally Minnesota)
  15. Expansion Team(s) if any that draft 8 players in the expansion draft
  16. Wild Card team (8) Atlanta Braves
  17. Wild Card team ( 7) Pittsburg Pirates
  18. Expansion Team(s) if any that draft 9 players in the expansion draft
  19. Division winning team with worst record (6) Cleveland Indians
  20. Division winning team with next worst record (6) Boston Red Sox
  21. Expansion Team(s) if any that draft 10 players in the expansion draft
  22. Division winner not in WS with next worst record (6) Philadelphia Phillies
  23. Division winner not in WS with best record (6) Cincinnati Reds
  24. Expansion Team(s) if any that draft 11 players in the expansion draft
  25. World series loser (5) New York Yankees
  26. Word series winner (4) San Francisco Giants
  27. Expansion Team(s) if any that draft 12 players in the expansion draft


  1. Because Minnesota (now KC) defeated Oakland in the Wild Card game Oakland gets the draft advantage over them. Likewise because Atlanta lost to Pittsburgh they get the draft advantage over them even though they had the better record.

The first tiebreaker for non-playoff teams with identical records is head to head matchups which is why the Mets draft ahead of Seattle. The 2nd tiebreaker if teams had identical records AND split their season series is draft order for the previous season thus California drafts ahead of StL..

Examples: If Cincinnati traded the NYY their 3rd round draft pick last season but are not an active team this year then during round 3 the Yankees would get a pick in spot 23 as if Cincinnati was still an active team..

If two or more expansion teams draft the same number of players their draft position will be determined by a dice roll

When all teams have drafted that will be considered the end of a round and the next round will commence.

Teams will continue to draft in this order until:

  • Their team reaches 35 men OR
  • A team with 25 or more players on their roster voluntarily drops out

Once a team has dropped out of the draft they may not re-enter it and must increase their roster either through trades or waivers.

Draft on designated Draft day(s):

A date and time will be set for the initial rounds of the draft. It will almost certainly be a Saturday or Friday as those are the days I have off. All teams will be expected to be either:

  1. Available in the slack chat room (preferred)
  2. Available by phone
  3. With me in my home at the time of the draft
  4. Have a list of players to be drafted submitted

All currently players are presumed to have looked over the card(s) for 1971 online or at least looked up stats by draft day. All expansion teams are encouraged to start doing so at once.

  1. There will be one designated draft day per week.
  2. On a designated draft day a strict 5 minute limit will be allowed to make a pick.
  3. If a team misses their pick will be moved to after the next player on the list who will be considered on the clock and allowed to pick. Example Seattle misses their pick and Montreal is next, Montreal is allowed to pick and Seattle picks after them
  4. If a team who has been skipped has to be skipped twice their pick can be made any time before the end of the round. Example Washington is scheduled to pick 10th They miss their pick If they figure out who they want they can make a pick or submit a list any time before the end of the round and that pick will be valid.
  5. If a team that has been skipped has not picked by the end of the round then a pick will be made for them by me. Said pick will be the player from your franchise who played the most games that season based on their card. Example: Boston does not pick or submit a list for round 5 I will look at the Roster for the actual 1970 red sox to see who is available. If Billy Conligiliaro has the most game played among unpicked players he will be Boston draft pick. If Boston already has 6 outfielders that will not matter Billy C becomes the pick.
  6. The opening Scheduled draft days will go on for 100 picks. Other scheduled draft days will be 60 picks. Once the number of picks is reached the clock is turned off


Picks off the clock and on non-draft days

Once the clock is off a team has an unlimited time to make a pick. Picks can be submitted in the draft room or via the Dynasty message system or in person if the person picking is local or via the phone to me.

Once the pick is made and recorded on the draft sheet and the player moved to the roster I will announce the pick in the slack chat room and inform the person up, the person on deck and the person in the hole to be prepared to pick. Until you see that announcement the pick is not official.

The season will begin one week after the draft is complete.

Finally be aware that I have a big event coming up Easter week for my 35th anniversary and that the planning and execution of said event might take some of my time.

If you have any questions not covered here please let me know.

Draft Order for 1971 Dynasty League Season

This is the draft order for our 1971 Dynasty season.

  • Montreal
  • Washington
  • Los Angeles
  • California1
  • St. Louis1
  • Baltimore *
  • NY (Daytraders)2
  • Seattle2
  • Oakland *
  • Kansas City (Minnesota)
  • Atlanta
  • Pittsburgh
  • Cleveland
  • Boston
  • Philadelphia *
  • Cincinnati *
  • New York (Yankees)
  • San Francisco

1 California & St. Louis had identical records and split their season series but St. Louis had the highest draft position the previous year so is considered the higher ranking team.

2 Seattle & NY (Daytraders) finished with identical records but the Pilots won the season series so are considered the higher ranking team.

Teams with a * have not confirmed that they are playing in the 1971 season. If any of these teams are eliminated due to lack of a player then any draft picks they traded in the first 7 round will still take place in slot they would have if they team was populated.

Players retained for 1971 season. (Excluding rookies)

  • World series winner 4 players (Giants)
  • World series runner up 5 players (Yankees)
  • non-world series Division winners 6 players (Reds, Phillies, Redsox, Indians)
  • Wild Card Teams Winners that don’t make the series 7 players (Pirates, Royals (twins))
  • Wild Card game losers (A’s Braves)
  • Non division winning teams with the 5th and 6th best records 9 players (Pilots, Mets)
  • Non division winning teams with the 7th and 8th best record 10 players (Orioles, Angels)
  • Teams with the 3rd and 4th worst records 11 players (Dodgers, Cardinals)
  • Teams with the worst and 2nd worst record 12  players (Expos, Senators)

If you have an interest in joining this league please contact me either in comments or in the dynasty system as soon as possible.

UPDATE: I mistakenly didn’t take into account the wild card winners in draft order so the Braves and A’s moved up a notch and the pirates and KC (Twins) moved down. That is the price of success.

Update 2: Montreal has confirmed they are returning and we have a new manager for California.

The late Charlie Taylor was not a wide receiver for the Washington Commanders, he played for the Redskins

By John Ruberry

On Saturday, Charley Taylor, a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame who spent his entire National Football League career with the Washington Redskins, mostly as a wide receiver, died Saturday. He was 79. Taylor is the franchise leader in receiving touchdowns and overall TDs, and he was named to the Pro Bowl eight times.

Taylor, an African-American, was drafted by the Redskins in 1964, just two years after Washington became the last NFL team to integrate. That’s an interesting story, which ESPN doesn’t bother to mention. From 1946, the year before Jackie Robinson broke the color line in Major League Baseball, thru 1970, the ‘Skins got what they deserved, they had just four winning seasons and no playoff appearances. 

But if you look at the headline for the story about Taylor’s death, you’ll think he played for the modern incarnation of the Washington team. It reads, at the time of the posting of this blog entry, “Washington Commanders Hall of Fame wide receiver Charley Taylor dies at 80.” 

The Washington National Football League franchise has been using the Commanders nickname for not even three weeks. Controversial for years, the Redskins moniker reaches back nine decades, to the brief period when they played in Boston. “Redskins” has always been perceived as a pejorative. No, let me use a stronger term, a racist insult. Native Americans and many other people have long called for a name change, the process accelerated two years ago after the murder of George Floyd, and for the last two years the team known as the Washington Football Team. 

“Go team!” Yawn.

But the Redskins they once were. Obscuring or omitting that fact by the media is a disservice to their audiences. Or it could be that ESPN is surrendering to its innate wokeness, or it is afraid the 50 or so people who agitate constantly online about any leftist grievance they can find, such as the storied “Cat Lady” who hounds Dan Bongino.

Not surprisingly, the Washington Post also omitted “Redskins” in its Taylor obituary. The facts and history die in darkness, it seems. So did the Associated Press, CNN, and NBC Sports.

The New York Times, which hasn’t as this posting has published a report on the death of Taylor, famously says that it publishes “All the news that’s fit to print.”

Instead, the woke media publishes “All the news the way we think it should be or how it should have been.”

Oh, I don’t have a personal horse in this battle, I’m a Chicago Bears fan. Other than their Super Bowl XX win nearly, sob, four decades ago, my favorite memory of the Monsters of the Midway was their upset win of the Commanders–just kidding, the Redskins, then the defending Super Bowl champions–on the road in a 1984 playoff win. Mike Ditka’s Chicago Bears announced to the world that they had arrived as an elite NFL team. 

The Pro Football Hall of Fame entry on Taylor, for now at least, says he played for the Redskins.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

Sports Thoughts Under the Fedora: Sad Lions, Empty Halls, LeBron, Mac and Peng

You have to feel a bit bad for the Detroit Lions. They always play on Thanksgiving and they always lose on Thanksgiving and this year they lead for the entire 4th quarter until the final second of the game.

How does a team stay that bad for that long?

The Baseball hall of fame didn’t vote anyone in. Bonds and Clements lost out because of steroids’ and Curt Schilling the top vote getter lost out for being conservative.

The irony of course is that both Bonds and Clemens had HOF careers before the allegedly started juicing. As for Curt is is the type of pitcher that wins you championships but sports writers are notoriously on the left so they’ll leave him out without a question.

I have two simple Hall of Fame tests either one in my opinion qualifies or disqualifies a person, when they conflict I can go either way.

  1. If you have to think if a person belongs in the Hall of Fame, then they don’t belong.
  2. The single best test if a person belongs in the HOF is if you were afraid of (vs your team) or wanted him there(when on your team)at bat, pitching or fielding with the game on the line.

By rule two all of them belong in, by rule on Bonds and Clemens certainly do

Was talking to a friend who hates the Lebron stuff. He no longer follows basketball and blames it’s fall not on LeBron but on Jordan.

He says that Jordan changed the game to the degree that everyone wants to be him but they don’t seem to have his nature. It’s all about themselves.

Basketball has become a most selfish sport.

Here in New England there is a serious case of Big Mac fever. The Patriots’ five game winning streak has gone to people’s heads. It’s easy to forget that all five games where against weaker teams, in fact on one station five weeks ago one of the hosts specifically noted that these last five weeks were a chance for the team to climb back into the mix.

Now people are seriously talking superbowl again.

The NFL would love it but I wouldn’t put a whole lot of money on that myself.

Finally I’ve very proud of the international Tennis organization who is not standing still when it comes to Peng Shuai and China.

Many other organizations, such as the NBA and the IOC would have folded, they did not.

Cowardice is contagious but so is courage. That’s what they’re so afraid of.