Sports Thoughts Under the Fedora: Sad Lions, Empty Halls, LeBron, Mac and Peng

You have to feel a bit bad for the Detroit Lions. They always play on Thanksgiving and they always lose on Thanksgiving and this year they lead for the entire 4th quarter until the final second of the game.

How does a team stay that bad for that long?

The Baseball hall of fame didn’t vote anyone in. Bonds and Clements lost out because of steroids’ and Curt Schilling the top vote getter lost out for being conservative.

The irony of course is that both Bonds and Clemens had HOF careers before the allegedly started juicing. As for Curt is is the type of pitcher that wins you championships but sports writers are notoriously on the left so they’ll leave him out without a question.

I have two simple Hall of Fame tests either one in my opinion qualifies or disqualifies a person, when they conflict I can go either way.

  1. If you have to think if a person belongs in the Hall of Fame, then they don’t belong.
  2. The single best test if a person belongs in the HOF is if you were afraid of (vs your team) or wanted him there(when on your team)at bat, pitching or fielding with the game on the line.

By rule two all of them belong in, by rule on Bonds and Clemens certainly do

Was talking to a friend who hates the Lebron stuff. He no longer follows basketball and blames it’s fall not on LeBron but on Jordan.

He says that Jordan changed the game to the degree that everyone wants to be him but they don’t seem to have his nature. It’s all about themselves.

Basketball has become a most selfish sport.

Here in New England there is a serious case of Big Mac fever. The Patriots’ five game winning streak has gone to people’s heads. It’s easy to forget that all five games where against weaker teams, in fact on one station five weeks ago one of the hosts specifically noted that these last five weeks were a chance for the team to climb back into the mix.

Now people are seriously talking superbowl again.

The NFL would love it but I wouldn’t put a whole lot of money on that myself.

Finally I’ve very proud of the international Tennis organization who is not standing still when it comes to Peng Shuai and China.

Many other organizations, such as the NBA and the IOC would have folded, they did not.

Cowardice is contagious but so is courage. That’s what they’re so afraid of.

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