Draft Order for 1971 Dynasty League Season

This is the draft order for our 1971 Dynasty season.

  • Montreal
  • Washington
  • Los Angeles
  • California1
  • St. Louis1
  • Baltimore *
  • NY (Daytraders)2
  • Seattle2
  • Oakland *
  • Kansas City (Minnesota)
  • Atlanta
  • Pittsburgh
  • Cleveland
  • Boston
  • Philadelphia *
  • Cincinnati *
  • New York (Yankees)
  • San Francisco

1 California & St. Louis had identical records and split their season series but St. Louis had the highest draft position the previous year so is considered the higher ranking team.

2 Seattle & NY (Daytraders) finished with identical records but the Pilots won the season series so are considered the higher ranking team.

Teams with a * have not confirmed that they are playing in the 1971 season. If any of these teams are eliminated due to lack of a player then any draft picks they traded in the first 7 round will still take place in slot they would have if they team was populated.

Players retained for 1971 season. (Excluding rookies)

  • World series winner 4 players (Giants)
  • World series runner up 5 players (Yankees)
  • non-world series Division winners 6 players (Reds, Phillies, Redsox, Indians)
  • Wild Card Teams Winners that don’t make the series 7 players (Pirates, Royals (twins))
  • Wild Card game losers (A’s Braves)
  • Non division winning teams with the 5th and 6th best records 9 players (Pilots, Mets)
  • Non division winning teams with the 7th and 8th best record 10 players (Orioles, Angels)
  • Teams with the 3rd and 4th worst records 11 players (Dodgers, Cardinals)
  • Teams with the worst and 2nd worst record 12  players (Expos, Senators)

If you have an interest in joining this league please contact me either in comments or in the dynasty system as soon as possible.

UPDATE: I mistakenly didn’t take into account the wild card winners in draft order so the Braves and A’s moved up a notch and the pirates and KC (Twins) moved down. That is the price of success.

Update 2: Montreal has confirmed they are returning and we have a new manager for California.

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