Remembering to Give Thanks Under the Fedora Thanksgiving +400, Missing Rush, LeBron vs Russell and Aaron, Suddenly greedy Corporations and Seven days in a Row.

This year is the 400th anniversary of the 1st Thanksgiving whereby the pilgrims gave thanks for their situation.

Our friends on the left consider this a disaster, because they don’t realize that the only reason they are not peasants under a feudal lord are because of these folks.

Perhaps if they were aware of the actual history of Thanksgiving they might think differently but I doubt it however because I’m an eternal optimist here is Rush Limbaugh explaining it.

I am very thankful those folks came here.

During this first year of the Biden Administration I find that I miss Rush a lot. While Tucker Carlson has done yeoman work and Dan Bongino, Clay Travis and others have done well they are not Rush.

What Rush Limbaugh did for this country can’t be overstated. He did more to stop the left and inspire the right for a generation than any other person in America.

I thank God that we had Rush for as long as we did.

When I heard about Lebron James getting fans ejected from Indiana for taunting him all I could think of is Bill Russell and Hank Aaron.

It is impossible to imagine Russell or Aaron doing such a thing.

Perhaps LeBron should give thanks that he’s playing in an era where he’s paid enough to be so rich he can buy a part of a franchise (Boston Red Sox) rather than whining about the fans who make the wealth of all these folks possible.

The best line belongs to Steven Miller

There have been some really foolish takes from people but very few are as foolish as this one.

While I’m embarrassed to have someone as unserious as Elizabeth Warren representing me in the senate I’m thankful that she puts her ignorance out on display in full view of the people so that they can’t pretend to be unaware.

Finally this is the busy season at my work. While I will be relaxing today I will be on the next seven or eight days. Some people are still working today (a voluntary five hour shift) and those folks will have worked 13 straight days.

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