The Nirvana of Nothing

Today is day two of seven straight days where I’m working during our busy season which begins Black Friday.

In the morning I figured I’d take a look at Amazon for things to pick up and asked the wife about a few things and it suddenly hit me.

I’ve reached the age where I need nothing.

I’ve got my home, I’ve got may family. I keep up with my bills as best I can, but there really isn’t anything that I’ve got to have.

Yeah occasionally I pick up a movie on Amazon when it drops to $5 (the latest being the Ghost and Mrs. Muir) and yeah I like my Dynasty baseball but when it comes down to it, there is no thing I really am dying to have and if I need something I just pick it up.

Do I have as much as a lot of others? No. Am I likely going to be a lot more than what I am? Unlikely. But I’ve got my wife, my sons and God willing there will be grandchildren before I die.

All those things I don’t have don’t matter, I’m content, where I am.

It strikes me that this is a state that people have wished to reach for all of the time they have existed.

I’m really lucky

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