Another setback concerning Navy mental health

We have been pushing more and more people to seek mental health resources. That is a good thing, and will hopefully reduce the number of suicides and other mental health problems. But there is a stigma associated with seeking mental health services. People are afraid that they will be judged by others for seeking help, and it will have consequences.

Well, they aren’t wrong. And Hawaii recently proved it will absolutely treat you like a second-class citizen if you seek help for depression:

Michael Santucci, a cryptologic warfare officer from Fort Myers, Florida, saw a medical provider at a military hospital for feelings of depression and homesickness a few months after arriving in Hawaii last year, according to his lawsuit, filed in April. He wasn’t diagnosed with any disqualifying behavioral, emotional or mental disorder, the lawsuit said.

He later filled out forms to register his firearms with the Honolulu Police Department and indicated that he had been treated for depression, but noted it was “not serious.” Hawaii law requires registration of all firearms. Prior to acquiring a gun, an applicant must apply for a permit. Santucci needed such a permit even though he legally owned his firearms before arriving Hawaii.

Because Santucci answered “yes” on a form indicating he had sought counseling, the permit process was halted and his firearms were seized, his lawyers said.

Navy Times

Not just halted, but the corrupt police took his weapons.

For those who have never had to deal with the losers that do gun registration in Honolulu, let me illustrate the process. You bring 16 dollars and 50 cents in exact change to the police office. If you bring a 20 dollar bill, the lady behind the counter yells at you like Roz from the Monsters Inc movie. You get fingerprinted. You have a background check run. You get treated better at the DMV.

So, what did LT Santucci learn out of this? Probably to never be honest with the Honolulu PD ever again. That’s what everyone else reading this learned too. Even though Santucci never said he was going to kill himself or hurt anyone else, he was denied his rights. Any gun owner is now incentivized to not seek mental health for exactly this reason, putting them at higher risk of mental health issues.

Maybe that’s the point. Maybe the people that run the system want more gun owners committing suicide. Maybe its a feature, not a bug. We’ve seen a shift where homosexuality and transgenderism are no longer considered mental health problems, and we’ll encourage life-altering treatment when we should be encouraging people to better come to grips with the reality they live in. On the other side, telling a mental health practitioner that you struggle being deployed away from home is immediate grounds to remove your rights as a citizen. This is made all the worse by the fact that LT Santucci is raising his right hand every day to defend these people.

If that doesn’t make you mad, well, maybe you should seek treatment for that.

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Pray for the Walmart shooting victims

Imagine my surprise to wake up and see a news headline talking about a shooting in Virginia, and then to realize it was at a Walmart I often shop at!

The Chesapeake Walmart off Battlefield Boulevard is not the closest Walmart to me, but I do shop there often enough in my travels that I know the store layout. It’s a very busy Walmart, and its in a nicer part of town. As of now, it seems the shooter was a night shift manager that did not like the people he was working with, was angry at his treatment and wanted to get revenge. More data is coming out as the FBI and local police continue their investigation.

Considering that the shooter is black and doesn’t wear a MAGA hat, I don’t expect the national media to care too much in another week or two. The shooting does bring up a bigger point about bullying though. We associate bullying with children, forgetting that it happens all too often in adults. A few years back, my wife was a volunteer for one of our kid’s PTAs when she returned from a board meeting in a pissed off mood. I found out that the President of the board was a raging jerk that regularly put her down for some of her fundraising suggestions. After a tense exchange and an open meeting, where I watched the school principal not say anything, she eventually quit, prompting a bunch of other volunteers to quit and the PTA to eventually dissolve due to lack of volunteers.

The lack of a spinal cord on the part of the principal is something we’re going to continue seeing. I have to wonder how many people watched this Walmart manager get picked on time after time. Didn’t anyone have the guts to say “Hey, maybe we ought to remind him we still care?” Did nobody notice this? Did anybody care?

It doesn’t excuse his actions, not by a long shot. He still chose to murder people, and ultimately he’ll face judgement of some kind over his actions. But we just celebrated Thanksgiving, where we give thanks for the people around us. This includes the people we work with, not just our families.

I ask that you pray for the victims of this horrible crime and their families. But I also ask that on Monday, when most of you go back to work, that you tell the people around you that you care about them. Even if that co-worker is an annoying Karen, it doesn’t give anyone license to push someone to the breaking point. Especially after years of government-induced COVID lockdowns and isolation, we should be trying to heal those around us and make our little part of the world better.

This post represents the views of the author and not those of the Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, or any other government agency. Please pray for the victims of the Chesapeake Walmart shooting.

Did you hear about Jen Kiggans?

A much younger Jen Kiggans, from Bearing Drift

Now, I get it. I’m not the center of the universe. That stopped happening when I was 4 years old. Or maybe 3, I don’t remember if I was a terrible child growing up or not. Despite that fact, I happen to live in the state of Virginia and in a competitive Congressional district, and in a time when elections are swinging back and forth, I get to see everything from the ground level.

So lets talk about the portion of the midterms the media is ignoring, and that’s the ousting of Elaine Luria by Jen Kiggans. Now, you’re probably asking, who the heck is Jen Kiggans? I’m not surprised by that question, because even if you lived in the area, you likely heard NOTHING about Jen Kiggans.

Did you know she’s a former Navy helicopter pilot? That’s she’s a Catholic mom with 4 kids? That she’s an adult geriatric nurse? I doubt it. Because over the past few months, the ONLY thing I heard about Jen Kiggans on the radio, on my Pandora feed, on TV commercials, and on YouTube commercials, was that Jen Kiggans is an election denier and hates women because she won’t kill innocent babies.

It was overwhelming. I work in an open office space, and one of my co-workers has a TV on constantly, spewing some damn MSNBC nonsense all day. Elaine Luria ads were on there constantly. I mean, every time I looked up, there was Elaine Luria, talking about how she voted against Biden, or made our Navy stronger, or stood up for the right to kill innocent babies, or…something. It was nauseating. I wanted the election to end just so I could stop hearing about Elaine Luria.

So when Jen Kiggans won, it felt like a miracle. But nobody gave her any credit. The local news said it was largely due to redistricting. Considering that Virginia’s districts were totally out of whack until this year, I’m not buying it. Jen won because she was tough, ran a good campaign and got the word out, despite a Democrat war machine that outraised and outspent her two to one.

But so far, the news is talking about DeSantis, Florida, and Trump (who is also in Florida). Virginia, which was being written off as a permanently blue state, is now slowly turning red again. Not quite as crazy as Florida, but getting there.

We should learn a few things from this. First, running solid candidates helps a lot. People don’t want the milk-toast Bush candidates anymore. Winsome Sears, Glenn Youngkin and Jen Kiggans actually stand up and hold our values. They won’t be portrayed as such by the dishonest media, but that was going to happen anyway. Having watched all three of them speak, its exciting. You actually feel good when you see them in person. You need that passion to stem the tide of constant negative media.

Second, we need to get real about raising money for candidates. I wrote about this before, but it bears repeating: if you aren’t out knocking on doors, or donating money, or doing something small for your candidate, then you just don’t care, and you deserve all the scorn in the world. You certainly get no sympathy from me. I remember all the damn annoying Obama kids that kept knocking on my door. Every day I wanted to just punch them so they would go away. But you have to hand it to them, that strategy worked. It got people pumped up and out to vote. That strategy works both ways, but we need energized people that care.

Please pray for Jen Kiggans as she attempts to deal with a broken country and a broken state. She needs all the help she can get.

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Can the Navy get any older??

o, I’m NOT writing about the election results…plenty of other people are doing that.

Besides, the Navy gives me plenty to write about, and this week was no different. In its most recent sign that it can’t recruit enough Sailors, the Navy lifted the age limit on enlistment from 39 to 41. From

The Navy, facing an increasingly tough recruiting environment, raised the maximum enlistment age by two years — from 39 to 41 — on Friday in an effort to allow more civilians to join its ranks. “Effective immediately,” recruiters will be able to enlist people who are as old as 41, provided that they don’t hit their 42nd birthday by the time they report to boot camp, a copy of the new policy, provided to by the Navy, explained. The policy also noted that some service communities like nuclear power, Navy SEALs and divers will continue to be able to set tougher restrictions for their members.

Now, if joining the military at age 39 sounds a bit old to you…it is. I knew a few people that enlisted in their early twenties, but once you got past the age of 27…enlistment dropped dramatically. There were some officers that joined later, most of them doctors or other medical specialists, but there were not too many 30-somethings beating down the door to join the military, let alone join as a new Sailor and go to boot camp.

How much do I think this change will make a difference? Somewhere between “not at all” and “nothing.”

I did find a USNI article boasting about how the Navy was reaching out with new advertising to Generation Z. So, I watched their new ad.

Now, the videography is good. It’s a pretty tight commercial, well shot and with a good message, although it should have been titled “Never say never” instead of “Never.” So, how well is it doing?

Now, the Navy channel isn’t exactly something lots of people are going to follow for fun, but at least we can see the video is getting views. What is interesting is looking at the most popular videos on the channel as a whole.

Everything that is really popular is older. Like, significantly older. With the exception of a video made a few months back about a SWCC Sailor (well made video and a very cool story!), most of the videos just aren’t popular. I also tried finding Navy eSports videos on Twitch and other platforms, and their viewer level was…pretty low.

Which tells me one thing: all the money the Navy is pouring into advertising isn’t reaching the desired audience…or much of an audience at all. I’ll venture its because the Navy’s narrative is being told through its news stories, which consist of rampant suicide issues, a forced COVID vaccine, and the increasingly truthful notion that veterans are broken people. All of this turns off Generation Z, and really most young people in general, to the idea that they could have any sort of fruitful career in the Navy. Combine that with a strong job market, and you have the recipe for a recruiting disaster.

So, what is next? Well, forcing people to stay longer is already being discussed at USNI:

A ten-year service requirement would change the motivation of most ensigns who join the submarine force, allowing the community to recruit officers who intend to make the Navy a career. This undoubtedly would cause recruiting challenges, but naval aviation is able every year to recruit hundreds of ensigns who are committing ten years of their lives. Some of the recruitment challenges can be ameliorated by the additional benefits that would come from extending the minimum service requirement.
- From USNI

There is so much wrong with this idea that it would take another article to explain, but I’ll go with the obvious: when a generation of kids are watching their parents hop between jobs to make increasingly more money, why would they be incentivized to lock into a long contract with the Navy? And, when this approach and others like it don’t work, the military will increasingly force people to the paths it needs, which it has done in the past.

Until the actual issues are addressed concerning the Navy’s mission and how it treats its people, it will continue to not inspire young people to join, and will increasingly become more draconian in its retention approach.

This post represents the views of the author and not those of the Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, or any other government agency.

The Navy chose death over life

ack when Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was repealed, the military services, including the Navy, gave a homosexual couples 10 days of free leave to travel and get married in a state that supported same-sex marriage. Plenty of people, myself included, complained that nobody else got free leave to get married. I had to take regular leave to get married, as do most other people unless they get lucky and their command simply looks the other way. It was an unpopular move, and it should have been a warning sign that the Navy was actively picking sides on issues of morality instead of sticking with warfighting.

Well, in case that wasn’t enough proof for you, the Navy just decided to smack you over the head with more nonsense. ALNAV 071/22 was released late last week. It’s title is “Reproductive Health Services and Support,” but if you think its about supporting pregnant service members and their babies, well, you’ll be sorely disappointed. Let’s see what it says.

1.  It is critical our Sailors and Marines maintain health, fitness, and wellness to optimize mission readiness.  Therefore, the Department of the Navy (DON) is committed to ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of 
those who serve our country, and their families in an environment of safety, privacy, and respect.  The recent Supreme Court ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization has generated concern for some Sailors, Marines, 
and family members about how their reproductive health care may be affected.  The decision has necessitated that the Department of Defense (DoD) closely examine and evaluate policies to ensure seamless access to health 
care, consistent with federal law. 

Uhm, it hasn’t changed any laws. Military health care has been banned from aborting babies for quite some time. The Hyde Ammendment, passed in 1997, bans the use of federal funds for abortion except in the cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother. Overturning a previous Supreme Court ruling simply means the states can choose to ban abortion…or not in the case of many states like California. So, nothing much has changed, except some people (never defined) are “concerned.”

2.  Reference (a) is newly released guidance from the Secretary of Defense entitled, "Ensuring Access to Reproductive Health Care."  Reference (a) outlines reproductive health policy and directs the DoD to promulgate implementing actions no later than the end of this calendar year, to the maximum extent possible.  Nothing is more important to me than the health and well-being of our people.  The DON will be fully engaged in this policy work. 

The referenced memo is here. Good to know the DON will be fully engaged with this while ignoring the suicide epidemic on our ships, the inability to get any ships through a repair cycle on-time and on-budget, or solving the current recruitment crisis.

3. Future policy will: 
   a.  Establish additional privacy protections for reproductive health care information, including standardizing and extending the time Service Members have to fulfill their obligation to notify commanders of a pregnancy to no 
later than 20 weeks unless specific requirements to report sooner, such as those necessitated by occupational health hazards, are set forth in policy. 

This is dumb. Normally you’re required to report pregnancy right away, the idea being that your boss should limit your physical workload and exposure to things like hazmat and ionizing radiation, since early stress and exposure can cause serious issues in those first few weeks. The purpose of delaying is to allow service members to go and receive abortions…which they already could do. If a Sailor told her Commanding Officer that she was pregnant, then later had an abortion, its not like the CO could DO anything about it. So now because of the delay, women…I mean, birthing people, will face additional hazards to their unborn babies and themselves during critical early weeks of pregnancy.

b. Allow for appropriate administrative absence consistent with applicable federal law for non-covered reproductive health care.
c. Establish travel and transportation allowances for Sailors, Marines, and their dependents, as appropriate and consistent with applicable federal law and operational requirements, and as necessary, amend any applicable
travel regulations, to facilitate official travel to access non-covered reproductive health care that is unavailable within the local area of a Sailor or Marine's permanent duty station.

So…paying for Sailors to get abortions. “Non-covered reproductive health care” my ass. This is directly funding abortion with federal money. It’s a direct violation of the law. It’s one thing when a Sailor uses her own money to travel and have an abortion. It’s another for the government to pay for it.

Now, you might say “But what about ectopic pregnancy, or the baby isn’t viable anymore?” Well, military treatment facilities perform D&Cs, or dilation and curretage. They do this if a fertilized egg stops developing and doesn’t naturally miscarry. I know from experience. Granted, NPR didn’t broadcast this, but its true. If you call any military treatment facility, they will tell you that they provide condoms (male and female), IUDs, Plan B, and D&Cs for anything that threatens the mothers life.

That’s not good enough for the “abortion on demand” crowd, and rather than comply with law, the Navy and Department of Defense is going to pay for abortions. The only possible excuse for this is that they know Congress won’t stop them. They aren’t afraid of reprisals.

d. Direct commanders to maintain objectivity and discretion when addressing reproductive health care matters and underscore their duty to enforce existing policies against discrimination and retaliation in the context of reproductive health care choices.

“Maintain objectivity?” As in, comply or be silenced/booted. This is direction by the way, not advising. You WILL be supportive of Sailors killing their babies, or else you will be forced out.

e. Develop a program to reimburse applicable fees, as appropriate and consistent with applicable federal law, for health care providers who wish to become licensed in a different state than that in which they are currently licensed in order to support the performance of official duties
f. Develop a program to support health care providers who are subject to adverse action, including civil or criminal penalties or loss of license or reprimand, for appropriately performing their official duties, to include the indemnification of any verdict, judgment, or other monetary award consistent with applicable law.

Oh my! Not only will we shove this down service members throats, but we’ll pay for people to get licensed in other states so that they too can kill babies! This is especially insulting when the Navy can’t fully fund the Navy Credentialing Program (called Navy COOL) for members to seek actual credentials. Plenty of us have applied for credentialing funding, only to be told there isn’t enough money.

4.  While this policy work is underway, and pending issuance of the implementing actions, I want to assure you that I am fully committed to ensuring the DON continues to provide contraceptive and reproductive health care services and support to our Sailors, Marines, family members, and retirees. 

Yes, we know you are fully committed to killing otherwise healthy babies. Thanks SECNAV!

5.  Securing Easy Access to Contraceptive Care:  active duty Sailors and Marines are entitled to comprehensive counseling by a health care provider and access to the full range of contraceptive methods for pregnancy 
prevention or menstrual suppression.  Further, active duty Sailors and Marines may receive an adequate supply of short-acting reversible contraceptives for the entire length of deployment (up to 12 months).  If menstrual suppression is desired, extra supply of the chosen method will be ordered and dispensed as necessary to ensure the member has enough active medication for the entire duration of deployment.  Additionally, Walk-In Contraceptive Clinics (WICC) (primarily in Fleet Concentration and Fleet Marine Force areas) offer same-day contraceptive services to Sailors and Marines.  Currently, 32 WICCs are open (22 Navy and Marine Corps, 4 Army, 4 Air Force, and 2 National Capital Region locations), offering easy access to same-day contraceptive services resulting in reduced wait time for accessing long acting reversible contraception.  Finally, emergency contraception Plan B (or generic equivalent) is available at all military pharmacies free of charge. 

Uhm…as previously pointed out, this has always been the case. But sure, lets post something more about it!

6.  Ensuring Service Members and Beneficiaries Can Access Covered Abortions:   consistent with long-standing federal law, 'covered abortions' - those cases that involve rape, incest, or where the life of the mother would be 
endangered - will continue to be performed within the military health system.  Please know that there is no interruption to this care.  Existing DoD policy authorizes travel for covered abortion care, if necessary. 
7.  Ensuring Service Members Can Exercise Their Reproductive Health Rights:   DoD health care providers may recommend non-chargeable convalescent leave to allow time for the Sailor or Marine to recover after receiving an abortion.   
Pre-and post-care is available to Sailors and Marines within the military health system, regardless of whether the abortion service was a covered or non-covered procedure. 

Has always been the policy, again, not sure why it bears repeating here.

8.  I encourage you to visit the Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center's, "Women's Health Toolbox," at for additional information and 
resources on a myriad of important women's health issues, to include abortion care. 
9.  Rest assured that the DON's work to implement the DoD's new policy is a priority and it will be released expeditiously.  I expect promulgation in short order, with cooperation from leaders across the Navy and Marine Corps 
to ensure appropriate input and efficient implementation of the new policy. 
10.  Released by the Honorable Carlos Del Toro, Secretary of the Navy.

There is no honor in anything you put out here. This is just a sad violation of the law wrapped in the guise of caring.

Please contact your representative and senators and demand some action, and pray for the unborn, who don’t get any votes when it comes to the despicable actions of people passing themselves off as honorable.

This post represents the views of the author and not those of the Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, Satan, or any of his minions. Those people are in agreement on murdering the innocent.

The military drops its non-partisan mask

The race for the Indiana first congressional district happens to feature a Republican candidate who is female, African-American and a combat veteran of the Iraq War. One would think this was pretty cool, a nice selection of diversity that gives voters real choices. Unfortunately, what has happened instead is this race revealed that the military is truly a partisan organization that hates its conservative members and will go to great lengths to destroy them as a person.

Most people have already read the story about the improper release of the health records of candidate Jennifer Ruth-Green, which revealed she was sexually assaulted by an Iraqi servicemember. Appalled by this, plenty of Congressional members have asked the military how this could happen, and the Air Force came out and said “The Department of the Air Force takes its responsibility to safeguard private information seriously and the matter remains under investigation.

To which I say…

Yup, the Air Force will definitely hold this person responsible. Just like they held a General William Cooley responsible for sexually assaulting…I mean, aggravating, sorry, forgot to apply the “flag and general officer double standard rule,” please forgive me for that! I mean, come on, the Air Force takes this very seriously. So do the Army and Navy. Why wouldn’t you believe them?

Here’s my prediction: the military never names the person that leaked this information and later provides a statement saying that person was terminated. Nobody goes to jail. Maybe a fine is involved.

But this case is more than sexual assault. It’s about intimidation, specifically of conservatives. Plenty of people over the past few years have complained that the military is increasingly biased against conservatives. Whether its witch hunts for “white supremacists” or mass denial of religious exemptions for a questionable COVID-19 vaccine, there is mounting evidence that this bias is real and has real consequences.

Knowing this, imagine a servicemember genuinely wants to run for Congress, or be President, or donate to a political cause. This servicemember was promised time and again that things like private medical records were sacrosanct, that they had proper controls to protect privacy. After watching those promises evaporate, tell yourself honestly, would you want this information exposed by a partisan hack?

Especially for women, this is pure, raw intimidation. When the leaker walks away free, every single victim of sexual assault is going to seriously consider shelving any thought of running for a high profile office. Some still will, but many will not want to run that gauntlet. And why should they? Why should they be re-victimized? Does the public really need to know this? Did this information help us evaluate Jennifer Ruth-Green as a candidate? If you were inclined to vote for her, did this revelation make you less likely to do so?

She didn’t commit a crime, nor does this show any lack of judgement on her part, so there is no good reason to release this information. None. It was done solely to intimidate and re-victimize her.

Contrast this to John Fetterman, who has an obviously serious medical condition that affects his ability to conduct his job, and yet his medical records are sealed. Yes, people can ask for them, just like they can ask for tax records, but if the candidate doesn’t have to release them. People can and should judge someone for that, but it doesn’t give them a right to violate the law.

The military’s two-tier approach to punishment is finally public enough that we should stop calling it a non-partisan organization. It self-selects the progressively brain dead for its highest ranks and shields them from criticism and punishment, while swiftly sending people to jail that dare question its mission and methods. It especially hates conservative free thinkers that might ask questions like “Where is the money for this weapon system going?” or “Should we really leave US soldiers to fight a proxy war with Russia in Syria?” or especially “The US military is weak.” It really, REALLY doesn’t want these people in Congress, so it will allow blatant intimidation to keep them out.

I seriously hope Jennifer wins her race, and I hope she exercises some real power to change the military before its too late.

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Inflation finally cuts deep

We have a family tradition of visiting a local restaurant every Sunday after church. It’s all around fun: a nice family outing while supporting a local business that treats us well. The fact that we’ve enjoyed it so much made it extra hard when we chose to cut it, along with many other things, out of our budget.

Despite shopping at Walmart, Sams and Aldi and not changing our lifestyle, its now increasingly more difficult to pay the credit card every month. After this last month, I dug through the last years worth of bills and noticed an ugly trend: the food bills steadily going up. What used to be a 40 or 50 dollar Walmart visit has turned into 100 dollars. Between that and gas, any sort of buffer we normally had is now gone.

So we’re cutting. Biden-flation is now responsible for screwing over our local restaurant because we simply can’t afford to eat there anymore. Most of our friends are simply racking up credit card debt. Long term, I know that’s not going to work, so I move money around and find ways to pay it off, but its becoming harder and harder each month. Forget about planning a vacation, we’re just trying to make each day work. At some point, if it doesn’t stop, we’ll simply be slaves to ever increasing debt.

So yeah, inflation isn’t just some interesting news story to me. Its very real, and I’m watching it gut the hard working middle class, especially those that have large families and can’t just stop expenditures like buying groceries.

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We won’t have quotas in the Navy…oh wait…

From Dilbert

It’s no secret that the Navy, like the other military services, has paid attention to race and gender when it comes to promotions. This is captured through a variety of fields in an officer’s official record, as well as through an official photograph of the officer that is presented at any selection board. The picture requirement was originally removed in 2016 but reinstated in 2018 by NAVADMIN 265/18:

This NAVADMIN cancels reference (a) and reinstates the requirement 
to display the Official Photograph for all Officer Selection Boards. This
policy change is the result of board feedback received since the removal of
the photograph requirement that the photographs aid the board’s ability to
assess the Title 10 requirements of an officer’s ability to perform the
duties of the next higher grade.


If you are skeptical how a photo helps a board member assess whether Naval Officers can execute Title 10 requirements, you’re not alone. Maybe Navy Officers need to double as Instagram models? Maybe Public Affairs got tired of submitting photos of ugly officers that couldn’t measure up to Taylor Kitsch and Rhianna? Or maybe it was a way of weeding out people that checked “Other” on the ethnicity list? I’ll let you decide.

At least the Navy did this in the background. Truth be told, evaluating your selection results to ensure nobody is discriminated against isn’t a bad thing. But its a slippery slope to quotas, and given the number of people lobbying for such a setup, its no surprise that it finally happened.

Courtesy of MyNavyHR, here are the statistics from the O-6 (Captain) promotion board conducted this year:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png

I’ve only copied the first page here, which covers 1110 (Surface Warfare), 1120 (Submarines), 1130 (SEAL), 1140 (Explosive Ordnance Disposal), and 13XX series (Aviation). Follow the link to get the rest of the 17 pages that cover other specialized communities.

I think the most frustrating part here is that this tells White Males that you have no background that the board cares about. Whether you came from difficult circumstances, are second-generation immigrants from Eastern Europe, or otherwise had some difficulty to overcome, none of that matters. You’re not the right color. Your background and story don’t matter.

I can’t recommend entering the Navy, especially the officer corps, while this nonsense continues. Between reducing the retirement and other benefits, non-stop wars designed to prop-up the military industrial complex paid on the backs of young men and women, or the increasing use of the military for dumb political stunts, its simply not worth it to join. This proves that even if you join with the intention of changing things, you won’t make it to the higher ranks to do so.

The only real chance for change is a change in President and an absolute evisceration of the membership at the top of the Pentagon. You can probably cut the Admiralty it in half without many problems, given the ratio of admirals to ships nowadays. You’ll need to deeply cut and remove a large chunk of the Pentagon and HR staff that pushes these sort of policies. Most importantly, and perhaps the hardest part, will be restoring our nation’s confidence that we select the best officers to place in harm’s way when the nation needs them the most.

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Could LGBT fit in the GOP?

Well, maybe?

Plenty of talking heads in the media want to paint LGBT voters as a block that all share the same interests and should thus always vote the same way (i.e. Democrat). I previously wrote that LGBT voters have some strong incentives to be pro-life and want less government, which is something we saw when Donald Trump was running for office. I think the talking heads do everyone a disservice when they pretend that all LGBT voters look alike and should vote the same, rather than treating people as individuals. Donald Trump saw this and exploited it, and as we head into the 2022 midterm elections, I think Republicans should be doing the same (which likely means most won’t…).

But pro-life and economics don’t hint at what most GOP voters struggle with when working with potential LGBT voters, and that is the issue of LGBT families and children. I think this is with good reason, because what was sold in the past was the notion that an LGBT family would look very much like a normal family, but in reality, the LGBT lifestyle pushes many ideas contrary to this, such as relationships with significantly more sexual partners. Pointing out that “Well, heterosexual families often have multiple partners and open relationships too!” doesn’t really help, because those families also tend to not do well, especially when raising children.

And lets talk about children, specifically kids at school. Plenty of people probably didn’t care if a teacher was homosexual or transgender, but plenty of parents care about schools instructing their children about sex. Many of these parents don’t want schools instructing kids on sex even if it doesn’t include LGBT materials, so adding LGBT to the mix only throws fuel onto an already burning fire.

The key problem here I think is that the excesses of LGBT culture, with the drag shows, inappropriate books and hiding information from parents are the things that bother most people. I doubt too many parents would care about a homosexual or transgender teacher if they were focused on, you know, teaching kids about science, math, English and the like, just like they wouldn’t care that the kindergarten teacher runs a profitable OnlyFans on her weekends off. When you show up, do your work and leave most of your personal life out of it, it is incredibly easy to please most people.

Yes, there are people out there on a McCarthy-esque witch hunt, but they are becoming fewer and farther in-between. Violence against the LGBT community is becoming less and less tolerated, with even the Daily Wire is running a story about a gay Palestinian beheaded that expresses sympathy for the young man.

So can LGBT voters fit into the GOP? I’d give it a solid maybe. I think someone can be an LGBT voter and want parents rather than schools instruct children on sex, find drag shows for kids inappropriate, and place value on a monogamous relationship and a stable home to raise children. Given those parameters, I think there are plenty of GOP voters that might not care that the wife in the couple next door has XY chromosomes. Whether that person is Christian is a different matter, but that person could be a more conservative voter.

Most importantly, beginning to treat voters as individuals full of competing interests, and thinking about how conservative values satisfy those interests, is far more important if we want a long-term stable country.

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LGBT voters benefit from less government and a market economy

Two weeks ago I argued that LGBT voters should be prolife, if nothing else because the prolife movement protects babies from premature abortions based on genetic testing, and it won’t be long before we develop testing good enough to hint that a baby might grow up gay or transgender (despite the fact that genetics don’t always equal outcomes). I’d like to go one step further and say LGBT voters benefit far more from less government and a market economy, especially as a minority.

Let’s start with a real obvious point: government likes people to fall in nice, neat boxes, and those that don’t get treated unfairly. The US government is always primed to pick on minorities. Recent examples include persecution against Japanese-Americans during World War 2, even in Hawaii, or the disproportionate number of black Americans used for drug testing by the CIA. LGBT voters probably feel this right now whenever they travel, get an ID of some kind, or interact with the government in general.

Let’s take ID cards for a second. The government continues to increase the amount of information it demands from people to get an ID. This invasion of privacy hasn’t made a lot of headlines, but the fact that you can basically be denied the ability to fly unless you surrender a lot of information to the government is a bit concerning. Worse though, what if you’re a transgender individual in the middle of hormone treatment? Try explaining that to the “nice” TSA agent, who should be concerned about you carrying a bomb onboard the aircraft, but will instead use their position to hassle you at a checkpoint. Why are you treated like a criminal for non-criminal activities.

Less government equals less interactions equals more freedom to be yourself. Whether you’re a gun-loving firefighter or his transgender wife, you benefit from less government in your life. Unless you’re violating a law, the government doesn’t need to snoop in your affairs.

If the government isn’t sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong, other people are often trying to use it to that end, particularly with hate crime laws and lawsuits. The Masterpiece Cakeshop lawsuits highlighted this weaponization. Despite the fact that there were hundreds of bakeries to get cakes of all shapes and sizes, Charlie Craig and David Mullins went all the way to the Supreme Court, only to lose. The damage was done though, since Masterpiece Cakeshop lost around 40% of its business.

This weaponization isn’t a long term strategy, since it tends to come back around and bite you, because plenty of people will use this tactic to shut down LGBT businesses. We’re far better off with a free market because it automatically promotes an exchange of goods that is inevitably linked to an exchange of ideas. For example, its really hard to say you want to kill all gay people if you regularly interact with the gay owner of a restaurant that has great food. It’s difficult to say you think transgender individuals are all pedophiles when you find out your neighbor is a transgender woman and an upstanding citizen in your community. Just like having a black or Hispanic neighbor makes it harder to hold negative opinions about them (assuming they are good neighbors!), the same goes for interacting with LGBT individuals.

In fact, these regular interactions are far more powerful then any lawsuit. I would argue the Masterpiece lawsuits only further cement the idea that most LGBT individuals want to find ways to punish Christians.

Free association in a market economy and less government interference, by default, makes us all learn to work together. We’re all better served under these models.

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