Don’t read one, Read two

Don’t buy one, buy two

Harry Bartell pitching Petri Wine on the New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Hi All

If you’re visiting and enjoying the fine work of John Rubbery & navygrade36bureaucrat you might be wondering why I don’t post much here myself

Why I don’t post regularly here is simple, this is now the official BACKUP site for the primary blog which is now which is actually our original wordpress blog from when we first started back in Nov of 2008 before we moved to and before said site blew up which is still having repercussions for me.

“But DaTechGuy” you ask, “If this is the backup site why are two of your paid writers, including one of your original Magnificent seven writers posting here instead of there?”

Good Question.

Apparently they are having issues with the other site and circumstances have not allowed me to fully address them yet. So rather than creating new accounts and jumping through hoops they have continued to post here.

In one respect it’s good because that means this location remains fresh though it divides my hits.

But frankly I stopped counting and chasing hits once I realized that the primary drivers of hits have been censoring stuff. I’m more interested in making sure you get their insights and attention and if it comes via here rather then there and as long as enough is coming through DaTipJar to support both sites, it’s all good.

So by all means continue to stop here at and check out our fine writers here but don’t hesitate to stop over at and me and the rest of our fine writers.

Don’t read one, read two.

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