The ‘science’ isn’t working

By Christopher Harper

The “science” isn’t working!

We’ve been masked-up, socially distanced, shut down, and vaccinated. But COVID keeps winning.

Maybe it’s time to reassess our hypotheses?

The underlying “science” of masks has always been suspect because the studies are old and dubious.

The underlying “science” of social distancing also has been suspect because no one could determine what the distance should be.

The underlying “science” of shutting down was suspect and had various adverse effects, such as economic and personal depression.

Vaccinations may have reduced the number of deaths but now seem incapable of halting each new variant that occurs.

Amid the renewed calls to intensify the old policies, a few voices of reason seem to be appearing in the fog of war.

“The reality is that we are all going to be infected at some point with omicron or something else,” said Bill Hanage, a Harvard epidemiologist.

Instead of government intervention, which doesn’t seem to be working to eliminate COVID, people need to ask themselves various questions. What is my risk? If I decide to get vaccinated, am I willing to accept the risks? If I am unvaccinated, am I willing to accept the risks?

Even in blue states, politicians seem to be bowing to pandemic fatigue: Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, a Democrat, said this week that the public health emergency “is over.” He said he doesn’t want to impose new restrictions on vaccinated people who have done their part to control the pandemic.

The government has to stop blaming those who don’t want to get the vaccination, making them seem like some country bumpkins without ethics. The vaccines have little impact on the omicron variant.

Moreover, the government needs to provide information on just how much money the pharmaceutical companies make on these vaccines and their boosters. More and more people like me are convinced that the drug companies are far from benevolent.

Fear-mongering no longer works. Rather than following the same flawed policies, perhaps it’s time to look at other alternatives, which may include allowing the disease to run its course.

As one of my friends suggested, perhaps it’s time to recommend the tenets of the Barrington Declaration to protect the sick and very elderly. See

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